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Our events 

Check out this page for a log of all the events we've had in 2022! Stay tuned for updates. 

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Launch Party

Hosted at the REDROOM on UQ's St Lucia campus, UQ O&G celebrated the start of 2022 by electing the team's newest convenors and representatives! 


Termination of Pregnancy Webinar

We partnered up with TIME and NAMSA to offer UQ's second termination of pregnancy webinar. 

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Journal Club #1

Dr. Devini Ameratunga - a reproductive endocrinology fellow and practicing gynaecologist - gave an engaging talk about endometriosis and the new 2021 RANZCOG guidelines. 


Networking Gala

A wide variety of health practitioners joined us for our networking night at the Matriarch. Students had the unprecedented opportunity to hear from legends like Dr Sailesh Kumar, Dr David Moore, Mrs Bec Moore, Dr Archna Saraswat, Dr Fiona Mack, Dr Carol Portman, and Dr Angela Smith!

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Safe Care

After taking a break for exams, we were back in full swing with our second-ever safe care event! A suite of amazing panelists helped answer questions and guided students towards making their medical practice safe and inclusive.



Our largest academic event of the year, the UQ O&G x PVOGS Mock-OSCE was not one to miss! With the help of PVOGS supplying their pelvic models, we were able to let students practice difficult exam techniques!

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Trauma-informed Care

Our clinical and non-clinical experts from True Relationships and Reproductive Health, Brisbane Rape and Incest Survivors Support Centre, and RBWH SALI took us through the essential knowledge of providing care to a traumatised patient. 



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Birthing Kit Assembly Night

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This evening will consist of a short documentary by The Birthing Kit Foundation, a group trivia questionnaire (there will be prizes!), and food before the assembly of the birthing kits. The Clean Birth Kits we assemble will be provided to birthers during community outreach programs; and supplied to health facilities to be accessed by doctors, midwives and nurses or distributed to traditional birthing attendants. The impact of our efforts will benefit birthers by providing hygienic procedures to be used during childbirth in under-resourced settings.

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